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Anthem Blue Cross

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Find the Right Insurance Program

Looking for a health insurance that’s right for you? Worry no more! Anthem Blue Cross offers member-focused service, a wide variety of plans and doctors that you can choose from and good financial strength all at an affordable rates.

Anthem Blue Cross offers the following Services:

  • Individuals and Families
  • Services for Current Individual Members
  • Medicare Eligible
  • Services for Current Senior Members
  • Groups of 2-50
  • Services for Current Small Group Members
  • Services for Current Small Group Employers

Online enrollment is also available for Medical, Life and Dental Insurance. If you are eligible for Medicare, you can enroll right away and there are a lot of options that you can choose from. Visit their website now

P O BOX 928381

Phone:  855-429-2011 
Fax:   855-429-2515 
License: 0D29697

Travel Insurance

If you are considering a trip overseas, don’t assume that just because you have excellent medical, auto, and home insurance that you will have the necessary insurance protection. Many situations can occur while traveling that may not be covered by your insurance. Therefore, it’s important to consider if you will need travel health insurance or some other applicable international travel insurance policy. Below is a list of situations that may not be covered:

  • accidents
  • illness
  • dental care
  • trip cancellations
  • lost luggage
  • rental car damage

Consider International Travel Insurance to Plan for the Unexpected

Planning an overseas trip starts with planning for the unexpected. Purchasing additional insurance when you travel is one of the best ways to cover the unexpected. However, before you start researching travel insurance, review your current insurance policies. Check if you have any travel health insurance and/or international travel insurance coverage on any of your policies. Some homeowner’s insurance policies and renter's policies cover your personal property and liability (such as you accidentally hitting someone with your luggage and break a toe) anywhere in the world, so if you already have this coverage there is no point in buying more. If you don't have enough travel coverage in your current insurance policies, including travel health insurance coverage, then you will want to contact your travel agent or insurance agent for additional international travel insurance policies.

Travel Insurance Booked! What to do next?

So after you have picked the right travel plan that suits your needs, you ask yourself what’s the next step that you are going to take. Well, this article is going to help you with these 4 tips.

Here’s what you should do next:

After your purchase, print your confirmation email from your travel insurance company. With you having a printed copy, you will be sure that you will never get lost in your plan. The confirmation email includes the general information about your purchased plan, your policy number, the effective dates and the emergency numbers that you can contact should there be any need for further clarifications. After you print it out, you can put it in your wallet or any folder and you can basically carry it during your trip. It is also wise to print an extra copy in case one gets lost, better be sure than sorry.

Read the Policy and Review it again

Travel insurance companies want only the best for their clients so they offer a free look period for a number of days after your purchase. Be sure to read it over and over, not just once because if ever a client is not satisfied with the chosen plan, they can give a full refund. So review and read it and be sure that you understand all the services covered in your travel insurance plan.

Review the Exclusion Section

Please use your free look period wisely by reviewing it over and over making sure that you haven’t missed any important details. The Exclusion Section lists services that are not covered by your travel insurance plan.

Contact your InsuranceCompany
Don’t be afraid to call your Insurance Company if you have any queries regarding your plan. If you need to cancel because of a valid reason, call them ahead and explain why. They will be happy to help you if you have any questions. They will also advise you what is the best thing you can do if you’re in a tight situation. If your Insurance company has a 24/7 call or chat support, then it is best that you use it.

Enjoy your travel and be insured!

Authorized Agent
Anthem Blue Cross
P O BOX 928381

Phone:  855-429-2011 
Fax:   855-429-2515 
License: 0D29697 

Our services are exceptional with exclusive access to more flights, vacation packages, tours and cruises for individuals and groups. Our travel experts have the capability to design your vacation and business travel packages based on your specific goals and desires.

Health Insurance

 Health Insurance for Individuals and Family



Doctors: Primary, Specialist or Chiropractic Care, Pharmaceutical Discounts
Dental: Office Visits, X-Rays, Cleanings, Root Canals, etc.,
Vision and Hearing: Glasses and Contacts,
Hospitalization:  Network Provider, Hospitals, Clinics, Urgent Care, Surgery

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Disclaimer: enrollment has to be completed and approved to qualify for the gift card.
For details call: 619-200-5296
Toll Free 855-429-2011

Affordable Health Insurance go to


Our services are exceptional with exclusive access to more flights, vacation packages, tours and cruises for individuals and groups. Our travel experts have the capability to design your vacation and business travel packages based on your specific goals and desires.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Importance of Getting an Insurance Policy

Insurance is the surety of compensating the financial loss incurred due to any natural or accidental loss of life or any damage of vehicle or property. There are many different types of insurance policies available today some common types are Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance and General Insurance. There are some other types such as insurance against lost wages, for jewelry or artwork, for businesses and flood insurance, which is must for those who live in flood areas. People say that there is nothing virtual that cannot be insured however protecting yourself and your possessions against any bolt from the blue threat is the most important thing one needs to do. In many countries buying insurance policy is legally must have. Some governments compel the vehicle owners to have auto insurance for each vehicle they posses personally and professionally.

If you are still in conflict about the importance of insurance then think will I be able to buy a vehicle instantly if one is lost or damaged accidently or do I have sufficient reserves to compensate the loss of income to household after me. If your answer is no then you should instantly opt for insurance because if you have insurance you can certainly do so. Not from the perspective of just security, but many people go for insurance to get various other benefits provided after buying an insurance policy. You can look at it from the investment point of view and see what adding insurance investment offers to your investment portfolio. It is always advisable to invest in at least one or two insurance products and only to go for Unit Linked Insurance Products when you are completely aware of these. Not only this but you also get tax deductions and long term capital gains most of the times on buying insurance products.

Always play wise when you are out for buying an insurance policy as insurance advisers may confuse you on many terms and you may end up having a policy that is of no worth. You need to consider various things before buying insurance like your financial status, future and present liabilities and then only decide on the plan that best suits your future requirements. Additionally, some other factors like term or the duration of the policy, coverage, health benefits that are called riders and long and short run benefits also needs to be considered. Consult an expert or a friend who can guide you through the whole process of being insured. You can also get the free insurance quotes from various online insurance companies, compare and then decide which company offers best deal suiting your requirements. You can also conduct a proper online research for what you want, analyze different insurance categories and financial constraints.

It is imperative to understand the importance of insurance in order to get the advantages and disadvantages that exist in it like any other investment. Major advantages are financial security, savings for future and most importantly tax reduction. The drawbacks are mismatch between consumer’s requirements and insurance facilities, misleading behavior of insurance agents and complexities in understanding insurance terms and this is the main reason most people stay away from insurance. However, there are more benefits than the drawbacks and thus it is wise to choose insurance for each of your possession including life. Also remember to get major benefits of insurance make sure the company is accredited, you can afford buying insurance policy, get low price at high return, read the terms and demand to explain it before signing, do not miss payments and be in touch with your insurance company to be updated about changes in rates and terms.

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a part of health insurance in which the insurance company pays a part of your dental expense when you have one. You may find several dental care plans being offered mostly at work places these days. Usually the employers make a contract with the insurance company to offer their employees with dental care benefits and cover up their dental care cost. 

Most of the dental plans cover basic dental care and are based on the terms that your employer has agreed upon. Normally in most cases, you have the dental insurance policy provided by your employer but if not then get one if your dentist bills are high and you need to visit a dentist quite often. You can mainly divide dental care plans into three categories such as Dental Indemnity Plans, Preferred Provider Organization plans and Dental Maintenance Organization plans.

Dental Indemnity plan

These plans are also called as true dental insurance plans. Having a dental indemnity plans, you can visit any dentist you wish however the plans include annual limit for expenses as well as few annual charges.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

A Preferred Provider Organization plan offers more options than Dental Maintenance Organization plans. When you have this plan, you can see any dentist without having a need for referral. You may also get lower costs if the dentist you are visiting is a part of PPO or PDN annual limits and charges apply.

Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO)

This is a low cost insurance plan in which you are provided with routine dental care worth a fixed price having annual limit and charges applying. In this plan, you select a primary care dentist who looks after your basic dental treatments and when you need to see a specialist the primary dentist provides reference. If your dental plan covers orthodontia then you do not require referral to see a DMO orthodontist.

Dentists are generally in tie up with the insurance service providers and you do not need to pay for any dental check up if you are visiting the same dentist. If you are visiting any out of network dentist then you are responsible for those payments unless it is specified in your policy. Some dental insurance policies have waiting periods under which certain benefits are covered. Some plans have annual maximum limits and you cannot take dental expenses covered with your policy over that limit being limit reissued each year. If you still incur dental expenses after reaching the limits then you will have to pay for these. Members are assigned a policy number for enrolment and they will have to fill their claims by visiting the insurance company themselves.

You can get your normal checkups, cleanings, x-rays with your dentist at no cost as insurance company pays in full for such treatments and pay half or more of the expenses incurred on services like fillings, crowns and root canals .You are responsible for the rest of the payments. Always confirm the annual coverage, your cost, benefits and the ease of claiming as these things matter while buying a plan. You can search for dental insurance online and get various quotes depending upon your needs.

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